The Secret to Getting More from Your Job Than a Paycheck

You may not be crazy about your job, but making a deliberate choice to bring God's heart of grace to work can have a radically positive impact on how you view yourself, the God you serve, the people with whom you work, and the job you do.


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Grace at Work

Title: Grace at Work
Subtitle: The Secret to Getting More from Your Job Than a Paycheck
Author: Tim Kimmel and Michael Tooker
ISBN-13: 978-1-0877-4902-0
Number of Pages: 224

Grace at Work

Mini-series Podcast

In this 5 part mini-series Tim and Michael interview business leaders about how they live out grace at work .

Dr. Tim Kimmel, Founder and Executive Director of Grace Based Families, has created resources for families and churches across the globe that reform and restore through grace. In his new book Grace at Work, Kimmel partnered with co-author Michael Tooker to educate and inspire workers so they can apply grace-based lessons where they spend most of their time—at work.

Grace at Work reminds us all of what God intended work to be – the object of our joy and meaning and not the source. Tim and Michael team up to tell a story of work and grace that would be helpful for anyone with a job, whether they’re on day one of their career or day 10,000.

-Dierdre Woodruff, Sr. Vice President of Puritan Life Insurance Company of America

“As a female leader serving in government, I often see angry or hurting people lashing out against the people serving. How can we respond with grace to citizens and other elected officials in political situations? I gleaned many practical tools from Grace at Work to help me use Jesus’ grace as the fuel to respond differently to people’s intense emotions in highly political situations.”

-Ginger Nelson – Mayor, City of Amarillo, Texas

“Tim and Michael offer a compelling vision for discovering meaning and joy in your work. It's not transactional but grounded in bringing to work a heart of grace. It will make a difference in you, the lives of your colleagues, and maybe transform your workplace.”

-Brad Edson, Co-owner Edison Electric Supply and Co-founder Marketplace One Companies

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